The Final

May 24, 2007

First, behold these images of Master Chief (from Halo) and Solid Snake (from Metal Gear Solid)!
Master ChiefSolid Snake

Hehe… this is not to scale, but it looks like Snake is about to shoot Master Chief’s knee.  Or it did in the editing window.  Oh well.

Well, this summer, I’ll be going to basic training at West Point (referred to as “Beast Barracks” or simply “Beast”).  Little-know graduates of West Point include Ambrose Burnside (the origin of “sideburns”, if you see his picture you’ll know why) and George Armstrong Custer (the man behind the fiasco at Little Bighorn… according to Wikipedia a “local legend suggests that Custer obtained his appointment to the Academy due to the influence of a prominent resident, who wished to keep Custer away from his daughter”).  Just something sorta interesting…

…anyways, here is a good lightsaber fight:


But this… I keep watching this Matrix spoof again and again, and I’m still laughing.

So many good lines… and the whole prelude to the fight scene…  haha!

“Listen, Philosophicles, when I say no, generally I mean it the first time.”

Aaand that’s a wrap!  Have a good summer.


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